Dave Benson Phillips's Maths Machine
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How to use Maths Machine

The Maths Machine album comes with three versions of each multiplication table:

1. Play track numbers 1 to 12. Dave does the rhymes, while some of Dave's young friends reply with the maths part. You can join in.

2. When you feel confident, play track numbers 13 to 23. There are no answers this time – you can put them in yourself.

3. When you're feeling really smart, play track numbers 24 to 34. It's just you and Dave this time – he does the rhymes, you do the tables.

• As a reward, there's a bonus track to listen to: track 35 is a house remix – relax, and enjoy!

Other musical multiplication tables just give you the tables, often repeating the the same tune throughout. Dave Benson Phillips's Maths Machine gives you more - a unique story, rhymes, tune and rhythm for each table.

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Maths Machine is available now on iTunes, and on CD.

Maths Machine album from iTunes: 7.99 GBP
• Maths Machine CD, with booklet: 11.50 GBP inc. postage within the EU - please e-mail for price outside the EU.


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How to use Maths Machine