Dave Benson Phillips's Maths Machine
What is Maths Machine?


What is DBP's Maths Machine?

It’s dead easy to learn the words of your favourite songs – even rap music, right?

Right! So, it should be dead easy to learn your multiplication tables, right?

Well, no - and it can be a bit boring as well. But, knowing your tables can be really useful – much quicker than using a calculator – so, is there a way to enjoy learning your tables?

Yes!! – and the man to help you is Dave Benson Phillips, the well-known actor, musician, television presenter and comedian.

There are loads of musical multiplication tables out there - what's so great about this one?

Dave Benson Phillips's Maths Machine helps people learn their tables using rap, rhyme, stories, cool sounds and rhythm. Maths Machine is unique because it contains these important elements:

• A story line for each table (2 to 12).
• Rhymes for each line of each table - the rhymes help you remember the numbers.
• Cool dance music – a different style for each table.

At last - Musical tables with street cred!

Maths Machine is available now on iTunes, and on CD.


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Watch Dave's video
How to use Maths Machine


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